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Reach up and wrap tightly  

Poem from my collection Prayers of Impermanence

Published by The Aerogramme Center for Arts and Culture in The Mobile Library

Reach up and wrap tightly  

          You in my hand 

                    Held with strain  

          so that bound we are  

          and I never grow cold 

Warm and reaching 

          I know what for  

          but the choices I’ve made are inedible 

                                                  and even the color yellow tastes of yearning 

A blistering spread 

How could it not  

be coming in anger and tears  

Once gone  

          specks we become 

You will have the world if  

          You don’t go  

                    Into the dipping of stars  

                              With their shared experience of being to far to grasp  

That which never leaves can’t return  

They say 

          Those that love come back 

          They say 

                    Caring is letting stone fingers become flesh once again 

                    releasing their grasp on the free  

                                        They say 

                                                                      But a day will not come out of night 

                                                                                                    And this I have seen  

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