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And so the day has passed

Poem from my collection Prayers of Impermanence

Published by The Aerogramme Center for Arts and Culture in The Mobile Library

And so the day has passed  

It often does with little warning 

Maybe it is only me  

That misses the signs  





I see the sun  

Watching it make its way across the sky 

With a grace that only it can give  

To roaring fire 







The morning greets closed eyes 

With a bright light 

Taunting me to be swallowed whole 

And I would 

Give it my life 

And time 

Only to feel cold again when I am 


Yearning for the return of hours  

Past spent by the love of that 

Which can’t be taken lightly 

Or taken with me  


I see again as the passing becomes as 

Present as breaths used  

I will one day be  

Accepted into growth though the dirt 

Gone to eternity and warmed by  

The heat of earth and sky  

But claw I will  

For a single moment  

To stop in its passing  

I cannot yet find peace in the movement of time 

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