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Ellisen Blair Artist Statement

Send burning

A reaching in hot light for the ground 

that grows up towards the sky

From eyes scorched in adoration

As a text-based artist, my practice encompasses a range of processes. In action, this involves a large amount of journal work, transcribing, and cycling through mediums with a focus on theme. Most times, the work starts with words whether this is poetry or brainstorming or a phrase that overtakes the course of a day. It is important for me to record all of the fleeting thoughts that could be rooted deep to create something new. The visual art I produce stems from written works and presents itself as printmaking. As more and more visual works come into existence, this process starts from both sides. The visual art feeds the poetry, and the poetry inspires the visual art.

Conceptually, my work covers themes of existentialism, the temporary, yearning, wanting, touch, and sensuality in the tones of the human experience. This description is purposely vague reflecting feelings that cannot quite be described without the presence of art. With language and texture, my work forms unique groups and ways of communication. My hope is that this work is able to find a home in the minds of those who view it.


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