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Senior Thesis Work

A Chorus Erupts, and there could be no other answer

Send burning

upon vulnerable skin

tipping legs, stretching hands

a reach that grows up towards the sky

from eyes scorched in adoration


A Chorus Erupts addresses themes of impermanence, yearning, and exaltation through the lens of a sensual physiological experience had with the Sun. This seeks to reflect feelings that address the Sun as a primal force. Using language and texture, this series aims to form distinct ways of communication in their intersection.


A Chorus Erupts works to take up residence in the mind. 


Why the Sun? Why light? Why heat? Why her? Why them? The

            The Sun? The Sun. 

                      The Sun? The Sun.

                               The Sun? The Sun.

The Sun cannot be touched; The Sun cannot be reached; The Sun cannot be held; The Sun cannot be swallowed; The Sun cannot even be directly looked upon. Yet, it is inescapable.

Upon the skin, light is warm. It raises the hairs on my arms. It quiets the rushing world. The eyelids light in multitudes, unable to stop the dusting of shine. The heart cannot beat fast enough to escape the cage of my chest, so it speeds to make its aching known. I do not want it to stop. The Sun. I cannot have it stop. The whole of my body yearns for the light, for the moment, for the parts of a second, for the half glimpse, where I can flick my gaze in unguarded sight. 


These pieces stem from a practice of recording afterimages of the Sun. They manifest as sketches and iterations of poetry or phrase. All fleeting thoughts and images contribute to my practice and are recorded. The work is realized as an ongoing series of 34x41 inch pastel paintings. These are developed observations of the Sun using color and text to inform the emotional content of their presence.  

 They are an inherit cry to living

 and a vision of a singular relationship because: A Chorus Erupts,

and there could be no other answer

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